I think that as they're doing an Earth 2 series, so I would love to see an Earth 3 series focused on the Crime Syndicate of America that shows their origins and stories. This series would include White Martian either the S'kaa M'axx or J'edd J'arkus version.

I also think Martian Manhunter should get his own series again, even if it is just a mini series. I'd love to see it focus on Martian Manhunter vs. the White Martians.


Martian Manhunter characters I'd like to see appear or play a larger role in the New 52.

  • Miss Martian - I like the character and J'onzz could use a sidekick.
  • White Martian - The Crime Syndicate counterpart of Martian Manhunter, as stated in titles I'd like to see him play some kind of role in an Earth 3 comic.


  • White Martians - The more aggressive of the Martians, as said in titles I would love a mini series involving them.

What do you think about any of my ideas here? What would you like to see in the New 52 related to Martian Manhunter?

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