• Ralok

    Martian Language

    December 7, 2013 by Ralok

    I am just going to be posting whatever random martian language words from every continuity here until I have a grip on the language so I can make an article.

    • G'amal'khul - martian (green) religious day/ceremony/institute - JLA classified #42
    • Per'elandra - earth - v2 #36
    • K'hym - female martian (green) name - many sources
    • D'all - martian (green) name - v2 #34
    • My'ria'h - female martian (green) name - many sources
    • Kra'ator - a word used in the term "kra'ator dragons" beings of martian mythology - v2 #33
    • Ma'alefa'ak - male martian (green/white/animal) name, translates to "darkness in heart" - v2 #32 (info on meaning)
    • J'onn - male martian (green) name, means roughly "light to the light" - v2 #32 (info on meaning)
    • M'yrnn - male martian (green) name - v2 #…

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